Day 2 (04/01/13)

5 Jan


– Did some batch programming tonight

– Did a little C# (still on console, not onto forms yet)

– Emailed a CV for Helpdesk support, to a few local companies, for vacancies and advice

– Discovered that a Computer Science seems to be a Key Element, in the success for applying for most software programming job roles.

– Established that Helpdesk Support is more than likely going to be my entry level


– Went over Nan’s to see them (gonna hopefully turn this back into a weekly thing)


– Found out more about a local gym and swimming places (opening times, prices etc)

– Printed off some brochures, in order to contact next week (My printer is diabolically slow)

Today was a day off, so mainly chilled today. Balanced the bank account (Christmas¬†period is going to be fun in the coming years: I can tell). Didn’t do an awful lot in morning/afternoon. Mainly came into stride on evening, which will probably be a pattern that I won’t break.

Will look to do a weekly review on Sunday (Evening, more than likely) to establish my progress of this partial week and set myself goals for the oncoming week.

*Edit: This should be assigned 04/01/13, but missed the turnover by 30 mins*


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