Day 5 (07/01/13)

7 Jan


– Asked colleague who’s applied for Helpdesk position about what was required. To clarify: Keen interest in IT (Check!), Good Job Knowledge (Check!), Know how to troubleshoot problems on pc (Check!), Priorities (ie: What’s more important; a cracked monitor or a server not working) – Check! VMware – little bit rusty so will need to do some work with this part. Servers – Limited Experience (Other than running a minecraft server in Java: not a lot!).

So basically need to do some research in VMware and server maintainance…. Oh, Fu….n!


– Completely neutral, other than checking if some girl was single or not!


– -10 Points: Went to parents to attempt and fix buggy performance on their pc (to which smartarse brother decided to fix :P) and got a meal… No wonder I’ve lost most of my belly since moving out of there… all I’m going to say *stuffed*


Pretty crap day, if I’ll be honest. Although finding out that stuff from workmate will certainly help for later on.


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