Summary of Week 1 (06/01/13)

7 Jan

So overall glad how this last week has went. Had some personal issues to deal with over past few days but over them now. Decided that on the weekends gonna have two chill days. So here’s the summary of week 1.


Applied for some jobs, relating to help desk work, so happy with that. Think I’m going to maintain the submitting of CV’s (Bigger Net, More Fish!)

Only did a little bit of coding this week, so need to improve on that next week.

When asking about positions opening at work; got to not seem too eager – otherwise it’ll give off a bad impression.


With regards to friends and family; tried to make more time to see them – hopefully want to get back in the swing of visiting my nan on a weekly basis (Christmas was really embarrassing for that!).

I know it’s not part of my goal, but this is still a valid point: WHEN A GIRL TELLS YOU NOT TO REPLY TO A TEXT, because she’s pissed off with you. Do just that! Just shut the fuck up and let things cool the fuck down! Do not (especially if you aren’t sure what you have done) try and “fix” things by giving massive explanations… Just SHUT. THE. FUCK. UP! Women are a strange creature 😛


Didn’t do much regarding physical wise, other than look at a few gyms. 

Goals for Oncoming Week


– Finish that hexadecimal C# project by Sunday

– Continue sending out CV’s, even if the position is closed; the more advice and feedback you get – the better


– Continue to see relatives once a week at least

– Make it a point to go out with your mate, on a night out – you jerk :S


– Apply to Sandhill Gym, and if they allow (may need induction): go at least twice next week


– Go Swimming at least twice


– Do both and get extra brownie points

That pretty much covers this week; bit shit but it’s a start



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