Day 6 (08/01/13)

10 Jan

Forgot to post for this day, however pretty sure that not much happened other than got an angry customer at work which caused me to stay back an hour – all because of a stupid mistake from her insurers. Which reminds me; I don’t think I’ll be taking out a policy with them this year for my renewal.


Not a lot done. Was very stressed out from work to the point that I just wanted to chill out on the evening


Spent some time with some good friends at local bar; however discovered that one of said friends has got me a Christmas present – so now must do a Sheldon and find a suitable present. If you are reading this Grant: Curse you!


Joined gym. Going to stick with pay as I go method at the moment, then will try and go more and more as the weeks progress.

So overall, Nothing much done with career wise. Had a shit day at work (wasn’t customer’s fault: I felt sorry for her!). But had a nice evening

Oh and I may have bought a dodgy hdmi cable… hmm…


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