Day 7 – Let’s get Physical (09/01/13)

10 Jan


– Didn’t do much at all in this aspect


– Plans got cancelled to go out, but got reorganised


– Started going to gym. Went there for about 2 Hrs and worked up quite a sweat. It was a little bit amusing to see this little 17 kid pick some heavy dumbells; do five reps rapidely and then stop go on his iPhone for 5 mins, before doing the same on another machine.

– Tested my BMI at the gym. The results were that i was overweight (duh!) and my Exact weight was 95.2KG (15 stone) and 186 cm (with shoes on). Therefore my BMI was 27.6 – which isn’t great but this will help to track my progress over the coming weeks.


Today was very physical orientated, and I can see a trend developing in regards to the Career aspect. Going out for a night out tomorrow night, so if I am to do any coding it needs to be prior to this… then again, drunk coding?

I’ll have to go to the gym on Friday, because i sense tomorrow is going to be a day of gluttony!


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