Day 8 – Drunken times (10/01/13)

12 Jan

Didn’t do a lot today, as it was my day off. Was aching a bit from gym, do that was probably a factor

Good day for personal aspect; didn’t manage to go to the all-you-can-eat place, but on the night it was quite awesome. Had some drinks at mine then went to town. Down the town I found myself listening to the little man that says: go speak to those girls over tgere, rather than the other little voice that makes me doubt about a lot of things.

On the course of the night, i did and said some silly things – but to be fair: I was quite drunk! There was one occassion where we met up with a lad who is quite close to a girl who – up until recentky – was going on dates with and such. Now the reason I bring this up is for the fact, that simply rather ask him a ton of questions about what I done to cause things to end; I asked only one question, which was basically “did she mention anything to you?”. Other than that; I refrained myself and in doing so; we all had a lovely night!

Today was a rest day

Today was a fairly slow day today. Had some fun on the evening. Quite proud of myself for not berating that lad with questions and such; as this is the self-destructive behaviour I want to get rid of, or keep to a bare minimum.

Should have probavly done some cosing but never mind.

On a unrelated note; due to a faulty driver or cable I have not been able to get sound through my monitor for my pc. So to get around this, I simply hooked up cd player through the aux and voila! I now have a sound system for my pc!


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