Day 11 – Summary of Week 2 (13/01/13)

14 Jan

This week has been a very slow week in terms of progress in Career wise, as have not had the motivation to do these things I set out to do – which is worrying as this is only the second week.


A very dissapointing week in this aspect. It seems I’ve been using work as an excuse to not do stuff and as a result I’ve procrastinated a lot.

Didn’t manage to get that C# program finished. Said I would do some java programming but that never fucking happened.

So overall, I’m starting to fall into old habits when it comes to doing stuff logically, or hard work – which is pissing me off. The most I’ve done this week is turn my hifi into a sound system for my pc, but other than that: basically blamed a lot of things, but overall done nothing.


Very happy with this week. Managed to make time for friends and family alike, so I hope to maintain this pattern. Can’t really set myself many goals in this aspect.

Little disappointed in myself that I haven’t asked this girl out yet, but will hopefully do so this week.

Also, later this day I posted on Facebook about an ailment that has been plagueing me for a while now, and I was very pleased to see that my friends are there for me. Sounds cliché and pathetic, but it felt nice 🙂


Very Happy with this aspect as managed to meet this personal target. 

When I went to gym, It was quite intense on both occasions and I hope to maintain it, as it feels amazing afterwards. Also helps you pound away the stress by pushing yourself that little bit extra

Goals for Week 3


– Stop making excuses and do something this week.

– Structure your week like this: “Physical Day” then “Smart Day” until Sunday comes around and have fun! Harsh it seems, but you are being that dwindles too much on excuses!


No specific goals just keep making time for friends and family… Oh, and ask that girl out for crying out loud!


– 3 Physical days this week

– Build up weights gradually, don’t go stupid! Try for 10 Kg on Dumbbells by end of week – if not no biggy! You’ll get there

– More Cardio, aim for 15 mins on treadmill by this week.

– Keep going for lates at gym; Less people = More Equipment. Also, at its latest – where there are no people – grunting time!


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