Day 12 – Physical Day (14/01/13)

14 Jan


– Got a reply email from old lecturer from Uni; meeting up later this week for some advice on how to get into a suitable IT role


– Chickened out again!


– Managed to go up to 8kg on dumbbells (100 reps – my technique is shit though)

– Didn’t do much on treadmill, as I got a stitch from my Tea. Only managed 7m 30secs this time, which is dissapointing

– Did usual on rowing (2000m) but added some periods of sprint in it this time.

– Did some heavier weights on Machine, for which I am sore and regretting it

– Went on bike and oddly enough my knees felt really weird and couldn’t get a momentum going :/


Good day, but may have went a bit silly in gym (we’ll find out tomorrow!).

Also, booked a doctor’s appointment for next week (for the afforementioned issue in the last post), so hopefully we can sort this out this year too!


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