Day 14 – Very productive…. for a change (16/01/13)

18 Jan

Went to see old university lecturer today and got some really helpful advice in regards to my career path.

It seems the two main areas that I need to focus on are Linux Plus Certification and MSCA Qualification, which are both seemingly quite affordable and considered very desirable by employers.

Also, I’ve got a good idea of how to get access to programming books, from the uni 😉

Went to the pictures with brother today, to see some awful crap. Was a good laugh as always though

Was majorly pissed off from speaking with Microsoft today. So therefore to blowan  off steam: I pushed myself a little too far at gym. Got cramp in right leg and the arms weren’t far off! Managed to progress onto 10 kg per arm and got up to heaviest for benching, so quite happy for that.

Also, managed to stay on treadmill for 12:30 this time so was pleased with this

Brilliant day today, other than speaking Microsoft Support. Hopefully, I can start having more of these days


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