4 Apr

Maybe you’re right; Maybe I’m just a fool.

With a head full of Dreams and the heart of a tool!

Maybe you’re right; Maybe I’ll never get the Body of the Rock, In fact it is more similar to that of a Sock!

Maybe I’ll never get the Villa, in the luscious Italian Countryside.

And maybe i’ll never find the perfect girl, with the beautiful smile….

…but I will still keep dreaming, with my heart open wide.

For it is when we stop trying: that is when we fail…

…And I cannot think of nothing worse, then leading a life with mediocrity as your sail!

So laugh at me when I fall; take amusement in my plunders… 

For I will not stop dreaming, whilst my heart still thunders!


It could be said; that living in a world of dreams will only bring you inevitable pain…

..but what alternative do I have? Do I accept reality and go insane?



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