365 Days to better yourself

The following blog shall be an account or log of how I am succeeding, with regards to three main goals I have set myself. They are as followed:

– Develop a successful career in IT
– Obtain the qualifications necessary to do so.

– Be more confident with yourself: Let people know how you feel and be more decisive
– Don’t make promises you don’t intend to keep
– Don’t lie to make yourself appear better: people see straight through that bullshit
– Make more time for friends and family

– Lose 10 kg, in order to achieve a target weight of 85kg
– Be happy with your body image (No belly!)

I shall be showing the steps that I have taken to achieve these goals, on a daily basis. I shall be reviewing my progress weekly in all three aspects and setting myself weekly goals every Sunday – in order to achieve my overall goals.

The completion date is January 4th 2014.

These goals shall remain the same and will not be altered, from this point onward.

This is for no college/university project or attention seeking, this is simply the result of a long hard look at my life at present and the realisation I need to change.

The personal section won’t contain names and will be the most varied, as it applies to both friendships and relationships.

My name is Andrew Forrest and this is my blog.


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