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365 Update

17 Mar

So as anyone reading this may have gathered that i haven’t being posting at all.

This is down to one reason alone: I can’t be arsed to give a daily update of my life, as it is pretty dull at present and why should i give a daily critique?

So this page may or may not be updated in the future…

I’m still going to the gym and getting fitter.

I’m applying for IT roles occassionally.

And I’ve been on dates and see girls.

So fuck it! Want a daily account of someone’s life? Look at Youtube… Plenty of more interesting people there. Better still look at your own life and do something interesting!

This will remain open for random postings (Probably poetry – Yes, I write!) but I don’t know of the frequency.


Day 6 (08/01/13)

10 Jan

Forgot to post for this day, however pretty sure that not much happened other than got an angry customer at work which caused me to stay back an hour – all because of a stupid mistake from her insurers. Which reminds me; I don’t think I’ll be taking out a policy with them this year for my renewal.


Not a lot done. Was very stressed out from work to the point that I just wanted to chill out on the evening


Spent some time with some good friends at local bar; however discovered that one of said friends has got me a Christmas present – so now must do a Sheldon and find a suitable present. If you are reading this Grant: Curse you!


Joined gym. Going to stick with pay as I go method at the moment, then will try and go more and more as the weeks progress.

So overall, Nothing much done with career wise. Had a shit day at work (wasn’t customer’s fault: I felt sorry for her!). But had a nice evening

Oh and I may have bought a dodgy hdmi cable… hmm…

Day 2 (04/01/13)

5 Jan


– Did some batch programming tonight

– Did a little C# (still on console, not onto forms yet)

– Emailed a CV for Helpdesk support, to a few local companies, for vacancies and advice

– Discovered that a Computer Science seems to be a Key Element, in the success for applying for most software programming job roles.

– Established that Helpdesk Support is more than likely going to be my entry level


– Went over Nan’s to see them (gonna hopefully turn this back into a weekly thing)


– Found out more about a local gym and swimming places (opening times, prices etc)

– Printed off some brochures, in order to contact next week (My printer is diabolically slow)

Today was a day off, so mainly chilled today. Balanced the bank account (Christmas period is going to be fun in the coming years: I can tell). Didn’t do an awful lot in morning/afternoon. Mainly came into stride on evening, which will probably be a pattern that I won’t break.

Will look to do a weekly review on Sunday (Evening, more than likely) to establish my progress of this partial week and set myself goals for the oncoming week.

*Edit: This should be assigned 04/01/13, but missed the turnover by 30 mins*

Day 1 (03/01/13)

3 Jan

Hopefully, this is the start of many…

– Asked at work how to get into IT department (good starting position)
– Email old lecturer from uni for advice
– Told truth about past relationships to work collegues
– Refrained from asking questions at work, so much. Managed to take a step back and think to solve issues and didn’t leave anything unresolved.
– Looked into gym near work. Got prices and such

Good productive day. A little tired after work, so won’t be doing any programming tonight.

One drawback: sent a text, which seemed to me as braggy and caused a massive delay from the recipient – if any! Note: try to make it more interesting next time…